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Japanese Hair Stylist – Japanese Hair Salon Singapore

Our team of dedicated and creative professionals with Western and Japanese experience will guide you through the best colouring, styling and texturising techniques with every visit to our salon.

Japanese Hair Stylist - Japanese Hair Salon Singapore

Artistic Director

15 years as a hairstylist, 9 years has been dedicated to styling customers in Singapore she and specializes in dry-out haircuts. Committed to stay in touch with her Japanese roots, Sakura continues to serve a pool of Japanese expats stationed in Singapore. Many customers have complimented on her excellent service , styling skills and creative in black hair with hair dye . She hopes to expand her clientele base and making Singapore her second home by introducing her hairstyling techniques to people from all walks of life. Her hobbies include eating and travelling. She is regarded as best hairdresser Singapore by her peers.