What is the difference between shampoo and conditioners ?

The difference between shampoo and conditioner 1


Shampoo contains detergent, much like you would find in dishwashing or laundry detergent or bath gel. Detergents work as surfactants. They lower the surface tension of water, making it less likely to stick to itself and able to bind with oils and soiling particles. Part of a detergent molecule is hydrophobic. This hydrocarbon portion of the molecule binds to the sebum coating hair, as well as to any oily styling products.

Detergent molecules also have a hydrophilic portion, so when you rinse your hair, the detergent is swept away by the water, carrying sebum away with it.

The difference between shampoo and conditioner 2


Everytime when you shampoo your hair, you need to condition them. Conditioner gets skipped by a lot of women in their hair routines. They think their hair is too short, too fine a texture, too greasy, or that it just doesn’t tangle enough to need conditioner. Its always better to condition your hair everytime you shampoo

Using a conditioner provides a variety of benefits, such as preventing hair breakage and tangling as well as helping create soft hair and smooth hair. Each time you condition your hair, conditioning agents smooth the cuticle, providing soft hair that looks healthy. To reap the benefits, use the conditioner that’s right for your unique hair and avoid brushing your hair when wet.

 Many conditioners come with extra benefits like UV protection and essential nutrients for keeping your hair and scalp healthy and manageable. Conditioners are really the base to your styling routine; fighting frizz, defining curl, or increasing volume.

If you feel like your conditioner is too heavy, try a lighter moisture conditioner and be sure to use a clarifying treatment on your hair regularly to prevent conditioner (and other products) from building up on your hair. Talk to your hair stylist about the conditioners that she would recommend for your unique hair type.

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