Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 1

Why Kelture Aveda?

Best Aveda Hair Salon in Singapore, professional and fashion. 

Why Choose Kelture Aveda Hair Salon?

As part of the Kelture experience we treat our guests to signature rituals such as Scalp, Shoulder & Neck Massages, Aromatherapy Sensory Journeys, Gents Renewing Cleanses and Hand & Arm Massages that will unwind and melt away tension, allowing an escape from the pressures of the outside world.

We use Aveda as our core products range giving our guests a preferred wellness choice while contributing a little of our environmental and social responsibility.

Based on a holistic approach to beauty and health, Aveda connects art, fashion, wellness and beauty.

We invite you to discover and experience how our team of stylists craftily combine the art of hairdressing with botanical innovation.

Natural Ingredients

Aveda products for women and men are professionally developed and clinically tested. It goes to exceptional lengths to preserve the smoothness of the hair, even after dyeing, perming and other treatments.

Color Guarantee

If the hair color doesn’t turn out like what you hoped, or you’re just not happy with it, we’ll re-color your hair for you. No questions asked. We promise to never let you walk out of Kelture  with regretss or frustrations.

Enjoy a relaxing and worry-less experience

A visit to the wrong hair salon can be traumatizing. At Kelture, you’re safe in the hands of seasoned professionals. You’ll never worry if your hair is cut too short. We’ll get it just right. After all, that’s what we’ve spent our whole lives doing.

Real Time Reviews

Authentic Reviews from all our customers. We show you 100% of what our customers have to say about us. No filters. You can check the complete list here.

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Trusted By Industry Leaders.

Kelture works closely with notable brands across different industries to provide the best service and offer amazing value.

Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 2
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 3

Styling Beautiful Hairstyles For You.

Your tastes and preferences have probably shifted over time. What you likely want, is a stylist who can keep up, and adapt to you every whim and fancy.

Someone who you trusts with your hair. Someone who gives you confidence.


And that’s us. That’s what we do.


We believe in partnering with you in creating beautiful and bespoke hairstyles based on privy consultations that complement your lifestyles and personalities. We promise to be more than capable of handling your every request. Whether you want to maintain the same hairstyle or adapt to a different one. We promise to deliver.


Treat Yourself.

Our Team of dedicated and creative professionals with Western and Japanese experience will guide you through the best colouring, styling and texturising techniques with every visit to our salon.

Our Hairstylists.

At Kelture Salon, our team of creative hair stylists and image stylists, are the heart and soul of the hair salon.

Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 4


Overseeing the hair salon.

Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 5

Kelvin (Founder)

The Founder and Director of Kelture, Kelvin’s entrepreneurial spirit has thrust Kelture to one of the award-winning salons and Best Hair Salon in Singapore. Kelvin has been practicing the art of hairdressing since 1990s and was named one of the top hair stylist Singapore in Her World Magazine for his mastery in long and layered haircuts. He is known for creating easy hairstyles for long hair and short bob hairstyles. Encouraged by the continuing support from his clients and his ever-expanding clientele’s base, Kelture is established to provide a more personalised hair styling experience for them.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 6

Augustine (Salon)

Augustine’s forthright personality and bold hair cuts have won the loyalty of customers for the past 15 years. He was Lead Hairdresser of a leading Korean hair salon Singapore. Skilled in hair braiding, hair extensions and in creating easy-to-manage hair styles for short hair, he is also an innovator in avant-garde styles that has graced major editorial magazines and hair production shows. Under his guidance as the Creative & Technical Director in Kelture, the salon has produced a younger generation of inspiring stylists. His focus on team building and goal-setting has molded Kelture into a dynamic environment for the staff.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 7

Sakura (Japanese)

15 years as a hairstylist, 9 years has been dedicated to styling customers in Singapore she and specializes in dry-out haircuts. Committed to stay in touch with her Japanese roots, Sakura continues to serve a pool of Japanese expats stationed in Singapore. Many customers have complimented on her excellent service , styling skills and creative in black hair with hair dye . She hopes to expand her clientele base and making Singapore her second home by introducing her hair styling techniques to people from all walks of life.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 8

Daniel (Creative)

Combining his passion in creativity and service, Daniel is at the forefront of local hairstylists. Possessing an artistic flair in European and Asian cuts, he has won L’Oreal Colour Trophy and Wella competitions in hair colours. He takes up the challenge of meeting clients’ expectations when it comes to hair cut, colour and perm. His 15 years track record in customer service excellence placed him as our Creative Director in Technical Works and Quality Service. He loves to travel world-wide to seek inspirations for his hair works.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 9

William (Consultant)

Having trained in London by Vidal Sasson, Trevor Sobie and Tony & Guy allowed William to enhance his passion in styling and embodied him with the desire push the limit and engage in cutting edge fashion styling. He is a lead in a pioneer Best hair salon in Sinagpore. This passion in creativity, precision cutting and technical expertise and beautiful imagery with colours individualizes each and every client that enters the salon. As a revered and popular hairstylist, he is happy to share and give back to the community that has excelled his skills.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 10

Elin (Korean)

Though embodying a gentle demeanor, this veteran stylist is armed with 15 years of hair dressing experience. A firm believer that hair dressing has no precise equation. She loves watching people becoming more confident through latest hair colour and styling. Elin is extremely skillful in her Korean style of Cut , Perm and Rebond . Elin has gained vast experiences working at renown salons in upscale Cheongdam-Dong and Gangnam. She has also added her exposures in Sydney for 2 years and is passionate to further her skills.

Senior Stylists.

Leading with plenty of experience.

Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 11

Andrew (Cut & Creative)

Hailed from the Land of Smiles, Andrew is a hairdresser for 16 years. He likes to challenge customers to have more fun by trying hair styles that has character, creating short hairstyles and easy hairstyles for long hair. His vision is to make the world more beautiful by creating magnificent hairstyles. The support from his clients is a constant motivation for his passion. His most recent work appeared in Urban newspaper 2012.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 12

Dean (Cut & Creative)

Started out as a Hair-technician 8 years ago, his dedication has pushed him to become one of Kelture’s favourite best hairstylist Singapore by this industry peers. His patience and precision in haircutting attracted both expats and locals who give him a thumbs-up for his Japanese style cuts that cater to any hair textures. His works can be found in Her World, Cleo magazines and Front on TCS Channel 5.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 13

Chew (Cut & Creative)

For the past 10 years, Chew has won customers from around the world with his signature dry-cut. He has won his fame as one of the best hairstylist Singapore, known for short bob hairstyles. He derives satisfaction from revealing customers’ unique beauty and watching the joy on their faces after a visit to the salon. he closely supports and works with Celebrity Stylist Dexter. Fashion shows that benefitted from his talents are top fashion labels of FJ Benjamin & Wing Tai Group. 
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 14

Joanne (Cut & Creative)

Joanne works towards a natural and fuss-free Europe-cut. Having worked in the industry for 12 years, her excellent customer service has won her customers from all walks of life. She is creative at hair colour and good at hair dye for innovative hair.
Joanne is creative in hairstyles for curly hair and easy hairstyles for long hair. Her editorial works graced several Japanese magazines, local prints and a local online website.

Creative Stylists.

Trendy and cool.

Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 15

Andrew (Cut & Creative)

Aaron started his internship with Kelture , interned by Augustine Yong, the Creative & Training Director over a period of 18 months. Aaron’s passion drive him fast into picking up the crafts and skills within 6 months of the intern. He then went on the Talent path receiving his training to full fledge Cut & Creative over the next 12 months. He is a fast learner in both in the art of hairdressing and customer service.
Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 16

Fish (Cut & Creative)

For the past 8 years, Fish has won customers from around the world with his signature dry-cut. Appreciating his clients face shape, lifestyle and personality allows him to design hairstyles that suit them. She derives satisfaction from revealing customers’ unique beauty and watching the joy on their faces after a visit to the salon. Her hair works can be seen in magazines such as Female, Her World, Tatler and Prestige.

You Happiness is Our Priority.

Being located in Paragon, Orchard, it’s easy for us to be lost in the self-importance of having so many other lofty and famous brands surrounding us. Yet, we have never lost sight of what’s the most important to us.

Our customers.  


We persist in building a familial atmosphere, one where we can talk comfortably to each other, cracking jokes and evoking laughter. We aim to stay kind, tactful, and relevant.

Because at the end of the day, all we want is for you to enjoy the experience. That’s what makes us most satisfied.

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Why Kelture Aveda Hair Salon? 18

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