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Styling Beautiful Hairstyles For You.

Your tastes and preferences have probably shifted over time. What you likely want, is a stylist who can keep up, and adapt to you every whim and fancy.

Someone who you trusts with your hair.Someone who gives you confidence.

And that’s us. That’s what we do.

We believe in partnering with you in creating beautiful and bespoke hairstyles based on privy consultations that complement your lifestyles and personalities. We promise to be more than capable of handling your every request. Whether you want to maintain the same hairstyle or adapt to a different one. We promise to deliver.


Treat Yourself.

Our Team of dedicated and creative professionals with Western and Japanese experience will guide you through the best colouring, styling and texturising techniques with every visit to our salon.

Our Hairstylists.

At Kelture Salon, our team of creative hair stylists and image stylists, are the heart and soul of the hair salon.

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Overseeing the hair salon.

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Kelvin (Founder)

– More than 30 years of experience under his belt.

– One of the top hair stylist in Singapore. (Her World Magazine)

– Known for creating easy hairstyles for long hair and short bob hairstyles.

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Augustine (Salon)

– More than 19 years of experience under his belt.

– Lead Hairdresser of a leading Korean hair salon.

– Skilled in hair braiding, extensions and creating easy-to-manage hair styles for short hair.

– Innovator in avant-garde styles found in major editorial magazines and hair production shows.

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Lois (Korean)

– Founder of two Korean hair salons and trainer in multiple hair shows in Seoul

– One of Singapore’s most high profile Korean Hair Stylists.

– Styled for various Korean celebrities

– Specialises in Korean digital perm, Korean Trendy Men & Women Cut, Color, Volume, Rebonding

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Sakura (Japanese)

– With 18 years of experience as a hairstylist.

– Specializes in dry-out haircuts

– Excellent service, styling skills.

– Creative in black hair with hair dye.

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William (Consultant)

– Trained in London by Vidal Sassion, Trevor Sobie.

– Lead in a pioneer hair salon.

– Highly expressive with skills in precision cutting and technical expertise.

Cut and Creative Lead Stylists.

Leading with plenty of experience.

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– More than 12 years of experience as a Hair technician.

– Widely praised for his patience and precision in haircutting.

– Featured on Her World, Cleo and Front on TCS Channel 5.

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– With 9 years of experience.

– Highly skilled in dry-out haircuts

– Designs hairstyles to suit the personality and lifestyle of customers.

– Works featured on magazines such as Female, Her World, Tatler and Prestige.

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– With 10 years of experience.

– Specializes in dry-cut.

– Best hairstylist in Singapore for short bob hairstyles.

– Worked in fashion shows for top labels (FJ Benjamin, Wing Tai Group)

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– Veteran stylist with 18 years of experience of which, 11 years in a Korean salon.

– Talented in natural, fuss-free European cut.

– Skilled in integrating European & Korean techniques

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– 12 years of experience in the highly competitive industry.

– Creative with hair color and dyes for fresh, innovative looks.

– Skilled in creating curly and easy hairstyles for long hair.

– Works featured in several magazines, prints and online.

Your Happiness is Our Priority.

Being located in Paragon, Orchard, it’s easy for us to be lost in the self-importance of having so many other lofty and famous brands surrounding us. Yet, we have never lost sight of what’s the most important to us.

Our customers. 

We persist in building a familial atmosphere, one where we can talk comfortably to each other, cracking jokes and evoking laughter. We aim to stay kind, tactful, and relevant.

Because at the end of the day, all we want is for you to enjoy the experience. That’s what makes us most satisfied.

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Real Time Reviews

Authentic Reviews from all our customers. We show you 100% of what our customers have to say about us. No filters. You can check the complete list here.

  • I first went to Kelture 2 months ago and as I did not like the pinky blonde I did by myself to my hair. Andrew saved me by covering my ugly color with a semi permanent caramel color from Aveda, natural and not damaging the hair. I was really happy with the result. Now, two months later, my black roots were visible and I wanted a big change and slowly go back to blonde again. Via Facebook Kelture recommended me Augustine, their Creative Director. He did both highlights and lowlights (for the black roots not to be visible) and cut a part of the damaged hair. He is very funny but also direct and honest and really did his best to make my hair look good and healthy and this is what I really appreciate. I will be back to Kelture in 2 months for more highlights. �

    Corina Van de Pas Avatar Corina Van de Pas
    September 25, 2018

    positive review  I had been with kelture and my hair stylist kelvin since 2010, this only spell out one thing, they are good! Their professionalism makes me a happy person every time I walk out of the salon. I would strongly recommend you guys to give it a try, you will never regret. Thanks once again to kelvin and his team.

    Danny Tan Kah Hong Avatar Danny Tan Kah Hong
    September 24, 2018

    positive review  Chew is a dedicated hair stylist who gives his best for his clients. He stays beyond his official working hours and makes sure the job is well done. I have recommended him to my friends!

    Regina Huang Avatar Regina Huang
    September 21, 2018
  • positive review  Hair stylist Chew was REALLY professional, skilled, detailed, thorough, nice and friendly! Cuts hair to fit the shape of your face (like WOW???), I’m SUPERBLY IMPRESSED by such great service! Finished with a perfect styling + curling after the cut. Highly recommend Kelture Aveda’s Stylist Chew?????????

    Yu Jun Yap Avatar Yu Jun Yap
    September 20, 2018

    positive review  Thanks chew for the lovely haircut and hair colour session! Chew is a very patient and professional. He give his 100% on his work. I totally love my new hair colour! Would definitely be back again!

    Janice Ng Li Avatar Janice Ng Li
    September 20, 2018

    positive review  The service is amazing, with kind and helpful staff. My stylist, Fish was particularly experienced and talented in shaping my hair?

    Yuolmae Ang Avatar Yuolmae Ang
    September 20, 2018
  • positive review  everyone there is professional and service there is ?. show them a picture of the style you want and they will deliver. friendly and approachable staff. definitely recommend anyone who wants a great haircut to drop by !!

    Jerome Tan Avatar Jerome Tan
    September 15, 2018

    Augustine has been my hairstylist since I was 17 years old, in fact he is more of an older brother to me. Been wanting to thank him for the longest time, not only did he provide helpful advice, his attention to detail, sincerity and sense of humor simply make every single visit to the salon an enjoyable one. He is definitely the go to hairstylist for me and I am pretty sure for you people who wish to have superb hairdos. Thanks for making me look good and feel good.

    Joanne Yeo Avatar Joanne Yeo
    August 3, 2018

    Won a Korean perm from trishyoung’s Instagram giveaway and made an apptment with Kelvin. Asked him if it’s okay to do the perm even after bleaching my hair recently & he advised it’s best not to. I thought there goes my complimentary perm but Kelvin was nice to change to hair treatment for me & I rlyyyy needed that. Loved the 10mins head, neck & shoulder massage before the treatment. The treatment was done very thoroughly & they even treated my scalp before doing the treatment. My hair is super dry from bleaching but after the treatment it is very soft & look way healthier. Couldn’t thank the team more for giving me a wonderful experience at Kelture ☺️

    Amber Chong Jiaqian Avatar Amber Chong Jiaqian
    July 10, 2018
  • For the longest time, everyone’s comment when they first see my hair was either, “waa, why your hair so dry?” or “have you considered doing trea tment?”. Despite having damaged locks, I could not resist trying the Korean perm. When I saw Kelture Aveda’s Facebook giveaway for a Korean perm curated and chaperoned by their Korean Director and Creative Directors, I knew I had to try my luck. Imagine my surprise when I was announced the winner! Never has a sane hairstylist dared to approach or even suggested perm for my damaged locks, I was half expecting the folks at Kelture to dismiss the idea when I turned up. Not only did they not shoo me away, they assured me that their treatment repair perm would not damage my distressed tresses and promise me a brand new look! As I had quite a bit of natural curls, Elin the Korean hair director suggested doing a soft rebond on my roots to tame the top volume of my head. Next up was the Korean perm! The aim was to frame my angular face with soft curls around the edge to achieve a face slimming effect. My greatest worry was I would end up looking more like an auntie with poodle-like hair but Elin was very reassuring and patiently explained each step of the process along with adept hands of Novel Stylist Aaron, Fish and Jerry. The end result? A relaxed everyday feminine look that is low maintenance. The curls were more more relaxed when wet and more defined when dry. My hair was less damaged and did not turn out as dry. In order for the perm to be bouncy and airy, I was given more layers to thin out my hair and make it more manageable. Special thanks to Elin and Kelture Team for transforming my troubled tresses to luscious locks!

    Jamie Chang Avatar Jamie Chang
    April 14, 2018

    Not easy to tame my stressed damaged tresses but he never failed to make it wow ! Thanks Kelvin for reviving it and I am loving my voluminous curly fries �. Strongly recommend for anyone who likes a magical transformation of your hair ! I want to give a 6 stars thumb up though �

    May Tan Avatar May Tan
    April 7, 2018

    Did the Korean digital perm for the 1st time & it was such a pleasant experience. The stylist did a slight trim so that my haircut suited the style of the curls in the most flattering way. My curls are voluminous & hair texture isn't dry whatsoever. The stylist was observant on how my hair reacted to the softening process & adapted accordingly to allow the curls to react well to the heat when applied. The maintenance of my curls has been easy this far - I can air dry or blow dry depending on my mood. The stylist recommended both methods are suitable as long as the scalp area is mostly dry. As such hair drying isn't a super laborious process but rather a quick one. I love that I can style my hair in various ways while having volume in my base. Helps to perk up straight long hair. Strongly recommend anyone that is looking to do a perm to try out with the Earth Month Korean Digital Perm Promo from now to end April 2018 ($350 director / $250 stylist)

    Tricia Young Avatar Tricia Young
    April 5, 2018
  • Absolutely the best stylist dat I ever had in my life! Tried a few but end of the day he is still the one... anyway, U guys will know wat I meant ya. Bravo and Merci Kelvin! Thank you so much.. See ya..���

    Pei Chan May Avatar Pei Chan May
    January 9, 2018

    Thank u Mr Kelvin! Loved it! More regular visits to come!

    Bhavini Shah Avatar Bhavini Shah
    November 2, 2017

    Had a hair makeover done by the amazing kelture aveda team and absolutely loving the results! �� I usually starve through sessions cux I'm always in a rush but Augustine and Kelvin were so nice to let me grab some food first�Also learned how important it is to be honest about what treatments you've done during consultation so your stylist can formulate the right product for your hair condition! Would definitely recommend for anyone who needs a hair transformation, they will not disappoint!

    Charlene Tan Avatar Charlene Tan
    October 6, 2017
  • Found Augustine what a delight! Made my hair lovely after a couple of months without a hairdresser. Thank you! ?

    Sheena Hendry Avatar Sheena Hendry
    March 26, 2017

    One of the 3 winner for the contest organized by paragon n kelture . Have done the scalp n hair treatment . Loves the scalp n massage provided by crew. Service is better than I expected. And Aaron is a fantastic young chap. Look for him!

    Jenny Tiffany Lam Avatar Jenny Tiffany Lam
    February 19, 2017

    If you want to look beautiful stepping out of a hair salon, Augustine is the man to look for! I have been doing my hair with him for at least 13 years and have never ever been disappointed. He will be honest with what suits your face shape and always exceed your expectations. I've stepped in numerous times with damaged hair due to stubbornness of venturing out to try a new place, only to be disappointed again and again. With Augustine's expertise, he always manages to restore my hair to its healthy state. I don't know what's his secret, but you have got to try this magic of his! If this may help some, he knows how to perfectly handle coarse thick wavy Asian hair without frying and drying it like other salons do. Highly highly recommended! ��

    Andrea Yee Avatar Andrea Yee
    December 27, 2016
  • 环境优美 服务质量好 完全可以不用带脑进去 理发师会精心设计风格 发色及 发型 对我而言 8個字 非常满意 值得信赖 �

    Yuriko Xing Avatar Yuriko Xing
    November 3, 2016

    I've been following Daniel wherever he goes for the past 13 yrs.

    Georgina Lee Avatar Georgina Lee
    February 6, 2016

    Enjoyable hair service experience!

    Darren Tang Avatar Darren Tang
    December 22, 2014
  • Fab hair styling by kelvin and Augustine 🙂 thanks for making me look pretty for my 21st birthday.

    Serene Goh Avatar Serene Goh
    November 22, 2014

    Always come here for the hair cut. Enjoy the service provided by the stylist and the crew and the massage they give to your scalp when washing hair is just so comfortable!

    Yang Shunxiang Paul Avatar Yang Shunxiang Paul
    November 22, 2014

    Been here for the past 6 years and Augustine Yong has never fall short of being an awesome hairstylist!

    Melati Mohamed Avatar Melati Mohamed
    October 5, 2014
  • This is the only place I've tried that can get me the colour I want for my hair: a vibrant, glowing, rich red that looks fantastic in any light. Been coming here for two years and wouldn't dream about going anywhere else.

    Suzanne Wong Avatar Suzanne Wong
    October 5, 2014

    Just introduced a new friend to have his hair cut/wash at Kelture last Monday. He's very pleased.

    Tan CB Avatar Tan CB
    September 28, 2014

    Hi my dear FB frds, cutting hair ?? Pls do visit this place @ Paragon. Best Location, Reasonable price & of course u will hv e best people to service u !!!

    Elsie Lim Avatar Elsie Lim
    September 25, 2014
  • Love the service and their skills!!!! Do check them out at Paragon!!!!

    Vin Lam Avatar Vin Lam
    September 23, 2014

Why Choose Kelture

As part of the Kelture experience we treat our guests to signature rituals such as Scalp, Shoulder & Neck Massages, Aromatherapy Sensory Journeys, Gents Renewing Cleanses and Hand & Arm Massages that will unwind and melt away tension, allowing an escape from the pressures of the outside world.

We use Aveda as our core products range giving our guests a preferred wellness choice while contributing a little of our environmental and social responsibility.

Based on a holistic approach to beauty and health, Aveda connects art, fashion, wellness and beauty.

We invite you to discover and experience how our team of stylists craftily combine the art of hairdressing with botanical innovation.

Natural Ingredients

Aveda products for women and men are professionally developed and clinically tested. It goes to exceptional lengths to preserve the smoothness of the hair, even after dyeing, perming and other treatments.

Color Guarantee

If the hair color doesn’t turn out like what you hoped, or you’re just not happy with it, we’ll re-color your hair for you. No questions asked. We promise to never let you walk out of Kelture  with regretss or frustrations.

Enjoy a relaxing and worry-less experience

A visit to the wrong hair salon can be traumatizing. At Kelture, you’re safe in the hands of seasoned professionals. You’ll never worry if your hair is cut too short. We’ll get it just right. After all, that’s what we’ve spent our whole lives doing.

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