Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results

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Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results 1

At Kelture Aveda, our transformative, customized hair color journey begins with understanding your vision. We consult thoroughly to gain insight into your desired look, lifestyle, and hair care routine. Our expert stylists consider your skin tone, face shape, and daily routine to suggest colors that will flatter you the most and align with your life.

Following this, our experts use the best of Aveda’s plant-derived colors to bring your vision to life. We’re not just changing the color of your hair; we’re adding a vibrant chapter to your life’s story, enabling you to express yourself in a new light.

Through the transformative power of organic hair color, we help you wear your personality, quite literally, on your tresses. You’re not just a customer at Kelture Aveda; you’re an individual with unique tastes and preferences. Therefore, your hair color journey with us is unique to you and a personalized expression of your innate style.

Why Kelture Aveda?

Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results 2

Delve into the distinctive Kelture Aveda experience, a testament to our status as Singapore’s premier Organic Hair Color Salon. We’ve revolutionized hair coloring, setting new standards for beauty and sustainability. Our work is a marriage of artistry and nature, featuring organic and eco-conscious materials that honor our commitment to the planet.

Our team of gifted stylists, armed with Aveda’s unique hair color line that boasts up to 93% natural plant derivatives, works to elevate your style. They skillfully customize the color to create a look that complements your personality and style. This is where science meets nature, and innovation embraces beauty.

The transformative power of our coloring system lies in its core principle – the use of plant energy over harmful petrochemicals. This eco-friendly approach minimizes damage and significantly boosts your hair’s overall health. Our system enhances your hair’s natural condition, elasticity, and shine, offering a holistic approach to hair coloring.

At Kelture Aveda, we prioritize the integrity of your hair with every coloring experience. Whether you opt for a strikingly vibrant color or prefer understated, natural multi-tonal shades, our hair color solutions ensure the preservation of your hair’s health and vitality. With us, you can trust that the color will be vibrant and beautiful, but not at the expense of your hair’s well-being. 

Aveda’s Plant-Derived Hair Color: A Natural Choice

Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results 3

Step into a world where hair color and nature blend perfectly with Aveda’s plant-derived hair color system. Imagine the magic of painting your tresses with colors drawn from nature’s palette, products composed of up to 93% natural ingredients. This sets Aveda’s hair color system apart from conventional hair color treatments.

Aveda’s hair color system is much more than a mere color application; it’s a rejuvenating treatment for your hair. Leveraging the innate power of natural ingredients, our hair color system enhances your hair’s vitality, improves its elasticity, and imparts a glossy shine that can’t be overlooked. Your hair doesn’t just look radiant; it feels healthful and resilient too.

This unique approach roots itself in an unwavering commitment to ethical beauty. Aveda’s hair color system comprises plant-derived ingredients, water, and non-petroleum minerals. Each ingredient plays a part in nourishing and protecting your hair while providing it with vibrant, long-lasting color.

Consider the essence of sunflower, castor, and jojoba oils, which contribute to the product’s plant power. These natural oils ensure the color adheres better to your hair, provide a protective layer over each strand, and add an incredible sheen to your locks. The result? Stunning, healthy-looking hair that feels as good as it looks.

With Aveda’s plant-derived hair color system, you don’t need to choose between beauty and nature. Our system embodies the harmonious union of these elements, empowering you to make a natural choice without compromising the vibrancy of your desired hair color. 

The Art Of Custom Hair Coloring

Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results 4

At Kelture Aveda, we see hair coloring as an art form. Our approach goes beyond basic application to create a uniquely tailored experience, where each client’s personality, preferences, and lifestyle become an integral part of the coloring process.

Our skilled stylists begin this journey by conducting a thorough consultation, where they delve into your vision, aspirations, and everyday lifestyle. 

  • Are you seeking a dramatic change, like the vibrancy of a peacock feather, to make a bold statement? 
  • Or are you drawn to the understated elegance of sun-kissed highlights that subtly enhance your natural beauty

Understanding your desire allows us to tailor a coloring approach that genuinely reflects who you are.

We pride ourselves on our extensive color palette derived from Aveda’s plant-based hair color line. This broad spectrum of colors enables us to match, create, or tweak any shade you can imagine. It’s about more than just selecting a color; it’s about making your dream look perfect with your personality and lifestyle.

Moreover, our innovative approach ensures that every hair color we craft is an artistic masterpiece specifically designed for you. Our stylists don’t merely apply color; they blend, contour, and tone your hair to perfection, ensuring the result is balanced, harmonious, and tailored to flatter your unique features.

With us, you don’t just get a hair color; you get a bespoke color experience that transforms your hair into a canvas of self-expression. This is the art of custom hair coloring at Kelture Aveda – a unique journey of self-discovery and transformation, bringing your dream hair color to life.

Confidence In Our Creative Stylists

Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results 5

At Kelture Aveda, we understand that the success of our services rests squarely on the shoulders of our dedicated stylists. With years of experience and an unwavering passion for their craft, they form the pulsating heart of our operations. They are not just stylists but creative artists, trusted consultants, and your beauty allies.

Our stylists are agile in their approach, effortlessly adapting to our clientele’s changing tastes and evolving ideas. Whether you’re seeking a radical transformation or a subtle change, they understand the nuances of your desires and translate them into reality.

Their expertise goes beyond the application of color. They consider skin tone, face shape, and maintenance preferences to create a color that complements your overall look and lifestyle. They can adapt and innovate, making new shades or techniques to serve your needs best.

But what truly sets our stylists apart is their professionalism. They cultivate an environment of trust, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident at every step of your hair coloring journey. They prioritize open communication, informing you about the processes, products, and techniques. This transparency fosters a deep trust between you and your stylist, a bond beyond a single appointment.

Furthermore, the consistency of their outstanding service reinforces clients’ confidence in our team. You can rest assured knowing that you’re guaranteed a warm welcome, expert advice, and a hair transformation that exceeds your expectations at every visit.

This unwavering commitment to our clients, combined with our stylists’ exceptional skill and creativity, exemplifies the unique Kelture Aveda service. Here, every client is a VIP, every hairstyle a masterpiece, and every service a testament to our professional prowess.

Prioritizing Hair Health With Organic Products

Customized Hair Color 101: Everything You Need To Know For Stunning Results 6

In line with this commitment, we have chosen to align ourselves with products that are as kind to your hair as they are to the environment. We have partnered with Aveda, a brand renowned for using natural, organic ingredients, to offer you an unparalleled hair care experience.

Aveda’s hair care and color products are up to 93% naturally derived, harnessing the potent power of plants and non-petroleum minerals to nurture your hair from root to tip. They infuse your locks with essential nutrients, protecting them from damage and imparting an enviable shine that lasts.

By choosing Kelture Aveda, you opt for a hair care regimen free from synthetic chemicals‘ harsh, damaging effects. We shun ingredients such as ammonia, parabens, and sulfates, which can strip your hair of natural oils and compromise its strength and shine.

Instead, we focus on the power of nature. Our products contain:

  • Nutrient-rich botanical extracts.
  • Organic essential oils.
  • Conditioning plant butter that nourishes and strengthens your hair.

The result? Hair that doesn’t just look good on the outside but is robust and healthy from within.

Our stance on organic, plant-derived products sets us apart in the beauty industry. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering beauty solutions that don’t compromise health or sustainability. With Kelture Aveda, you’re not just choosing a vibrant color or a stylish cut; you’re choosing a healthier future for your hair.


Choosing Kelture Aveda means choosing a service that values your individuality. We understand that your hair is a canvas of self-expression, and our tailored hair coloring services reflect this. Our dedicated stylists treat each client individually, crafting color and style solutions that best suit your lifestyle, skin tone, and personal preferences.

Our commitment to excellence goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to nature and health. We ensure your hair remains healthy, shiny, and vibrant by harnessing the power of up to 93% naturally derived Aveda hair color products. We promise to offer you top-notch service that combines the best of nature and science, ultimately enhancing your hair’s condition and shine without compromising its health.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. Our experience is underscored by our client’s trust and confidence in our creative stylists. Their talent, experience, and relentless dedication ensure you leave our salon looking your best and feeling your best too.

So, are you ready to start a new chapter in your hair color story? Ready to let your hair reflect your individuality, creativity, and confidence? Schedule a consultation with us at Kelture Aveda. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, creating a symphony of color, style, and health that is as unique as you are. At Kelture Aveda – your hair coloring journey becomes a life-enhancing experience.

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