13 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Hair Colour & Revert to it

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13 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Hair Colour & Revert to it 1

It takes much courage to decide to go back to your natural hair colour, especially when you’ve spent years and years experimenting with various dyes and are now at the point where you’re thinking, “Well, I’m not even sure what my natural hair colour looks like, but I’m sure it’s nothing special, or I probably wouldn’t be dying it in the first place.” Does it sound like you? I’ve been there and done that, and I can attest that going natural is pretty satisfying. However, there are many reasons to return to natural hair, and the following 13 are reasons you should not ignore if you find yourself tempted to do so:

1. Cut Costs

High hair-care costs may persuade you to return to your original hair colour, which results in significant cost savings. Even though I was willing to DIY many things, my platinum blonde style has cost a lot of money. We’re talking about dyes, frequent haircuts, tints, specialised hair care products, and a professional dye and bleach job every third month to eliminate any yellow or orange tones. Going natural will cause many changes and eliminate many dye-related expenses from your budget, allowing you to reallocate your funds toward items that will improve your health or beauty over time, such as a gym membership or wholesome, organic food, or premium preparative or adorning cosmetics.

2. Relaxation

Can you picture not having to dye your hair every 20 to 30 days, worrying about your dye running out, or periodically checking your roots to ensure new growth isn’t too obvious? It’s a very liberating experience that you need to be reminded of, and it makes for the ideal justification for going natural if you’re considering giving up colours.

3. Encourage a Healthier & Better Hair Growth

13 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Hair Colour & Revert to it 2

When persistent chemical damage is not one of your worries, growing out your hair is much more manageable. Naturally, there will be split ends to fix, but we’re only talking about dusting here, not chopping off inches that may have been valuable if they weren’t so damaged. However, suppose you don’t like Rapunzel’s hair. In that case, this may not be a compelling argument for significantly changing your hair colour, but keep reading because there are many other reasons to encourage you to try your natural hair colour.

4.  Improve Your Hair’s Quality

If the length doesn’t appeal to you, Shine most definitely will! When a girl uses harsh chemicals frequently, she entirely forgets about things like volume, a natural, healthy sheen, elasticity, and many other things. Returning to your natural hair colour will be an intriguing experience if you are a light blonde or bleach/dye your hair to lighten it up at least two or three shades. At first, it’s a little strange, but it improves over time!

5. Make It Easier to Transition to Bolder Experiments

Want more justification to return to your original hair colour? How about the fact that hair that is natural and undyed makes the best base for all future hair experiments? Becoming blonde is difficult if your hair is already brown, red, or black, and vice versa. Bleached hair may provide a perfect canvas for painting, but nothing can stop the colour from fading at the speed of light. Natural hair colour is a significant change on its own. Once you become tired of it, you can rest easy knowing that no hairstylist will ever decline to assist you in changing to anything new because it’s “too hazardous” or even “impossible without serious hair damage.”

6. Love Your Natural Looks

13 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Hair Colour & Revert to it 3

Now that I have returned to my original hair colour, the experience is startling. I love, love, love it. If someone had asked me about it four years ago, I probably would have used words like “dull” and “mud-coloured” to describe it, neglecting entirely its deep, warm chestnut brown winter hue and the constant copper and burgundy highlights that always occur on it. The one and only way to know if you’re one of those folks is to consider going natural. Some people learn to prefer their natural hue.

7. Spice Up Your Look

One of the best reasons to return to your natural hair colour may be that you can completely change your appearance without worrying about whether the new look will suit you. Why? Because something that is organically present and perfectly complements your skin tone and eye colour can’t possibly make you appear ugly!

8. Focus on Other Things

When my hair colour was so drastically different from now, I looked terrible in many things. Lipstick in brick and burnt orange, red and yellow, and contact lenses in green. Those motivated me to change my hair colour, which I’m rocking. A drastic shift is usually exciting at first, but after a while, it becomes routine, and you start to wonder whether there is anything more you can attempt. Then you remember that the last time you wore an au natural appearance was too junior prom and decide the most radical thing to do is to go back to your fundamentals to learn all the fun clothing and makeup techniques you might have missed in the interim.

9. Lower Maintenance

Although dyeing your hair may look excellent, you must realise it requires much upkeep. It takes maintenance to maintain highlights, lowlights, ombre, and all-over colour, and occasionally we need a vacation. Since you don’t have to worry about hiding your roots or having the colour fade, rocking your natural hair colour is considerably easier to manage.

Returning to your original hair colour can need less upkeep than dyeing it, as you won’t need to worry about colouring your roots or fading as frequently. When you dye your hair, you must maintain the colour by visiting the salon often or colouring your hair at home, which can be time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, you should not worry about these problems if you accept your natural hair colour. You would not have to agonise about the colour fading because your hair will grow naturally. Returning to your natural hair colour will save you time and money. You don’t have to dwell on picking the appropriate hue to match your complexion because natural hair colours frequently enhance your skin tone and features. Returning to your natural hair colour might be a less time-consuming option that enables you to embrace your inherent beauty.

10. Mismatch

13 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Hair Colour & Revert to it 4

You’ve probably run into issues with specific hues not matching if you’ve ever coloured your hair a completely different shade from your natural colour. Some shades of cosmetics or clothing don’t fit with specific hair colours, which can be expensive and complicated to get ready. You won’t have to worry about clashing colours if you maintain or return to your natural hair colour!

11. Chemicals

Avoiding touch with the chemicals in hair dye is a common motivation for many women to quit colouring their hair. Why not stop using hair colour? We have all heard stories of potential ailments. linked to using hair dye. When you stop using so many creams and chemicals on your hair, it will look and feel much better.

12. Never-Ending Cycle

The potential hair drama you’ll have to go through to bring your hair back to its natural colour is another motivation to return to it. You have to allow your hair to grow out or bleach it numerous times, both detrimental to hide if you substantially alter the colour of your hair from what it is naturally, such as moving from light to black hair. Although this may seem like a justification to keep dyeing your hair, doing so will only delay the inevitable and keep you in that never-ending loop.

13. Over-Processed Hair

Last but not least, avoiding over-processing your hair is one of the more compelling arguments for returning to your original hair colour. To achieve this, it doesn’t take much to overprocess your hair—frequent hair dye applications, chemical processing, or excessive heat styling tools. Why subject your hair to an additional colouring treatment if you already use heat tools and chemically treat it? Give your hair a break and return to your original colour!

What made you dye your hair differently instead of letting your natural hues pop? And do you have any recommendations for going natural?

Final Thoughts

Accepting your natural hair colour can increase confidence while saving you time and money. It lets one relax into their skin and let go of concern about preserving an unnatural appearance. You might return to your original hair colour for aesthetic or health reasons. Ultimately, the decision on whether to accept natural hair colour should be taken based on personal preferences and circumstances. Let Kelture be the one to bring back the beauty of your hair. Our hairstylists are confident that we can do an excellent job. Contact us now to get your first appointment with us!

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