Why Should You Go For A Kelture Scalp Treatment: Here Are 4 Amazing Benefits

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Why Should You Go For A Kelture Scalp Treatment: Here Are 4 Amazing Benefits 1

Nowadays, most of us are aware of the need for a proper skincare regimen to maintain youthful, healthy skin. Every year, we spend hundreds of dollars on face masks, SPF, serums, and other beauty products. However, how frequently do we consider the skin on our heads? Such as our scalps. This is a continuation of the face.

A scalp treatment is a cosmetic or therapeutic procedure designed to nourish and revitalise the scalp, helping to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Scalp treatments can be performed at a salon or spa, or they can be done at home using specialised products.

Scalp treatments typically involve deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by applying various nourishing and moisturising ingredients. These ingredients may include vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, essential oils, and other natural or synthetic compounds.

A scalp treatment aims to balance the scalp’s pH, unclog hair follicles, and stimulate blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss. Scalp treatments can also help alleviate scalp conditions’ symptoms, such as dandruff, dryness, and itching.

The type of scalp treatment that is best for you will depend on your hair and scalp type and your specific hair concerns. Some common scalp treatments include hot oil, herbal, and exfoliating treatments.

A scalp treatment is a cosmetic or therapeutic procedure designed to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. It is a great way to revitalise the scalp, unclog hair follicles, and nourish the scalp and hair.

Reasons To Pay Extra Attention To Your Scalp

The scalp has more sebaceous glands, which create sweat and oils, than the skin on your face, and its “reduced barrier function” is one of its main contrasts. Compared to the rest of the body, this skin struggles to replace and maintain its moisture levels because of its reduced barrier function. Your scalp is in the spotlight regarding sun exposure, as if this didn’t make it already delicate enough.

These factors make the scalp susceptible to a variety of unpleasant skin disorders, making it deserving of more care than most of us give it. The condition of the scalp dramatically influences the health of our hair, and a healthy scalp is the first step toward having beautiful, bouncy hair!

Various Scalp Conditions

This is a delicate subject (no pun intended!). Most people, to varied degrees, face scalp difficulties in some way or another. Finding a practical and all-natural answer can change your life because dealing with these problems can be stressful and embarrassing.

We move from the end of the range, where we have issues like eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff, to more typical problems like dryness, oiliness, or itching. Before introducing new items into your routine, we strongly advise consulting your dermatologist if you have eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff. Some of us have scalp issues that are less noticeable and more difficult to diagnose. Silent inflammation emerges in this situation.

Silent Inflammation

Why Should You Go For A Kelture Scalp Treatment: Here Are 4 Amazing Benefits 2

You may have noticed that your scalp has itchy, flaky, excessively greasy, or sensitive periods, but you cannot identify the cause. Most of us have silent scalp inflammation, which can manifest as itchiness, peeling, or oiliness. Your scalp microbiota is out of equilibrium, which is the cause of this.

The “Scalp Microbiome”: What Is It?

The colony of natural bacteria and various microorganisms that live on your scalp is known as the scalp microbiome. To avoid scalp irritation and promote strong, healthy, and glossy hair growth, it’s essential to maintain the balance and health of your scalp microbiome. This topic is covered in more detail here.

Tips For A Healthy Scalp

  1. Begin using an excellent, moisturising, vegan shampoo like our nutriplenish shampoo deep moisture. A vegan shampoo is mild and won’t dry up your scalp’s natural oils. This is vital if your scalp or hair is already excessively dry or excessively oily.
  2. Aim to wash your hair one to three times per week. Keeping your hair and scalp clean is necessary, but moderation is key. You may keep your hair from losing its natural oils and overproducing them by washing them less frequently. Having said that, if you have a lot of product build-up, you should eliminate it because it could clog your pores and irritate you. Try to wash with warm water instead of hot water because hot water might dry up your skin and hair.
  3. Incorporate a scalp treatment or serum into your routine to concentrate on moisturising, protecting, and nourishing your scalp.
  4. Spend some time massaging your scalp. A specialised instrument or just your fingertips will work for this. After applying your scalp serum, massaging your scalp can help increase microcirculation (blood flow), which has several significant advantages, including promoting new hair growth and the supply of nutrients to your hair follicles.


The 4 Amazing Benefits of Using A Scalp Treatment

You might be pondering the need for a scalp treatment if you already have an excellent hair mask, conditioner, and shampoo in your routine. Some of the queries we receive the most are:

  • “Which products should I use if my hair is oily?
  • “How can my hair grow more quickly?”
  • “What can help me? My hair is dry.”
  • “How can I get lustrous hair?”

A scalp treatment is a great place to start if you ask questions about your hair difficulties and problems. It’s also critical to understand that everyone can benefit from scalp treatments. Even though your scalp appears healthy, taking care of it might still be advantageous.

A Scalp Treatment Will:

1. Strive To Improve Hair Growth

Your hair will grow more slowly, be more brittle, and be prone to breaking if your scalp is neglected. This is because the many bacteria and germs that naturally inhabit your scalp also reside in the hair follicle, directly affecting how your hair grows.

Spending some time giving your scalp a thorough massage will also assist in stimulating blood flow, which will help your follicles receive vital nutrients. Therefore, restoring equilibrium to the scalp environment and massaging your serum into your scalp will encourage thicker, healthier hair from the root up.

2. Remove Dead Skin Cells & Unclog Hair Follicles

You should avoid blocked pores on your scalp, just as on your face! The sebum (oils) produced by the sebaceous gland in the hair follicle, along with debris and products, can easily block hair follicles. All kinds of problems, including redness, itching, pimples, slow growth, and even hair loss, can result from this.

While active ingredients work to restore sebum levels, using a scalp treatment will aid in gently cleaning and unclogging these follicles. It would help if you gave your scalp a gentle massage after applying a scalp treatment or serum to promote blood flow and exfoliation

3. Regulate The Production of Oil

When your scalp’s microbiome is out of balance, your scalp may start to generate too many or too few oils, making your hair either flaky and dry or heavy and oily. A scalp treatment can deal with this problem at its source, nourishing and moisturising the scalp while resetting its flora. Your oil output will consequently start to stabilise on its own gradually.

4. Eliminate Itchiness, Flaking, Irritation, & Redness.

Numerous internal and environmental causes might contribute to irritation, itching, peeling, and redness. Anyone with one of these illnesses knows how frustrating it can be. As the product works to replenish, balance, and protect the scalp, scalp treatments will assist in calming and easing these symptoms immediately. With continued usage, these symptoms will completely disappear.

Final Thoughts

A healthy scalp is a basis for beautiful, healthy hair! How can a scalp treatment help your hair if you’ve read the above benefits? The ideal base for happy, healthy hair is created when your oil production is balanced, and your hair follicles are stimulated, unclogged, and fed.

At Kelture, we never fail to disappoint our customers. Our expert and patient hair stylists always aim to exceed expectations and deliver amazing results. Do not hesitate to contact us now and book a slot today!


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