Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer

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By keeping your hair in the ideal position for months, obtaining a perm in busy Singapore can reduce maintenance time. Although the term “perm” is meant to stand for “Permanent Wave,” some of us may find it more ephemeral than we prefer. Here are five explanations for why this might be the case:

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 1

1. Your Hair Needs to Be Softened More by Your Stylist

This is how the digital perm procedure operates. Your hair is first given a perm lotion application to dissolve internal connections, followed by the desired curls using a curler and heat. Once the new coils are in place and fixed with a neutralizer, you can enjoy gorgeous waves for up to 6 months.

Because the hairdresser did not appropriately soften your hair, some perms frequently fall out. If the initial phase is done correctly, your hair can absorb the new curls, leaving you with lifeless, undefined curls that quickly straighten.

Because of this, many skilled stylists, especially from Kelture’s, take extra measures during perming, twirling multiple bunches of hair throughout the softening process and untwirl them to see if the hair is suitably softened at various spots.

Little things like these ensure the duration of your perm!

2. A Weak Perm Lotion Was Used

You’ll observe that there are numerous perm lotions available. The length of the perm depends on the substances used, such as ammonium thioglycolate or cysteamine. Additionally, respective perm lotions have their individual strengths. You’ll probably discover that the curls can only hold or last for a few months if your hairdresser used a perm lotion that is too thin for your hair.

If you visit Kelture’s Perming Services, fret not; we use the highest quality perm lotions that guarantee results. Not only will the curls last longer, but they will also turn out pretty.

3. Usage of The Wrong Conditioner/Shampoo

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 2

It’s not always your stylist’s fault. Your hair can dry and become a frizzy mess if you use the wrong shampoo and conditioner. An example of an inappropriate shampoo is clarifying shampoo. Although clarifying shampoos are excellent for removing product buildup from natural hair, they are too harsh for freshly permed hair and cause the curls to give way too soon. Likewise, this is true with shampoos for the scalp and ordinary store-bought shampoos, both of which tend to have overdried hair.

Therefore, it is ideal to receive your stylist’s advice on the kind of shampoo and conditioner that will help extend the life of your perm and help your money go further.

At Kelture’s, we ensure that our customers receive the best service and advice from us to maintain their hair correctly.

4. Styling Your Hair With Heat After Taking A Swim

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 3

In all honesty, maintaining a perm isn’t tricky, but if you want it to endure for a long time, it does set certain limitations on the kinds of activities you can engage in.

First off, swimming and permed hair don’t go together. Chlorinated water destroys and dries out hair. As a result, a perm will not last if you frequently swim after getting one.

If you enjoy swimming, a good tip is to apply coconut oil or other hair oils to your hair and then cover it with a swimming cap to prevent chlorine from getting to your hair too much.

Heat styling is another thing that could work better with perms. While you can occasionally tong your hair, doing so daily will harm your hair and cause the cuticles to flip up, and this changes the shape of hair and starts down the slippery slope of losing your precious curls.

5. Too Damaged/Fine Hair

Some of us have hair that appears lifeless after getting a perm, while others look stunning. Your genetic makeup could be a contributing factor in addition to your stylist.

Coarse hair is tough enough to withstand the harm from even the cheapest, roughest perm lotion, so people with coarse hair may go to practically any stylist and perm their hair for the first time, and it will look fantastic. However, those with fine hair put your stylist’s skills to the most significant test.

Because fine hair is more brittle than coarse hair, it begins to fall apart when too much perm lotion is applied for too long. The curls will only be noticeable if you use enough product. Many stylists frequently turn away clients with fine hair, claiming that perming is not an option because there is a delicate line between producing a visible curl and frizzing one’s hair.

But with advances in perm technology, that is no longer the case. For instance, Kelture Salon utilises a perm lotion with such minimal harm that it is virtually impossible to ruin one’s hair. This gives hairdressers more confidence and wiggle room to ensure the hair is appropriately softened and enables them to create curls that last longer!

How Can We Make Your Korean Perm Last Longer?

1. Wash Your Hair Only 48 Hours Later

Despite the temptation to wash your hair, particularly given Singapore’s humid climate, your perm requires time to set. You run the danger of hastening the breakup of your curls by washing your hair, and your locks will all be flattened and messed up by it. You must wait 48 hours for the components applied to your hair to be fully absorbed. So, two days after getting a perm, we advise against shampoo. The longer you could wait—up to 72 hours—the better

2. Use Curl-specific Hair Products

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 4

Use curl-enhancing products and crunch your curls upward to maintain the shape of your C-Curl digital perm. Ensure the shampoo and conditioner you choose are designed specifically for curly hair. We know that some of you may be tempted to hydrate your curls with a moisturiser or serum; go ahead if doing so makes your hair feel healthier, but we advise against using cream-based products since they weigh down the curls and flatten your hair rather than giving it volume. Avoid anything with alcohol, silicone, or SLS because they will dry out your hair and make it frizzy. Find something that will assist your locks in retaining moisture instead.

3. Drop the Cotton Towel 

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 5

If you haven’t already, this is your cue to invest in purchasing the soft microfiber towel. Because they seem 100 times finer and more delicate than natural human hair, microfiber towels are well-known among experts. They are, therefore, the softest fabric for hair care. Using a standard cotton towel harms your hair and makes it more frizzy. You are strongly advised to drop your cotton towel since it causes dryness, damaging the moisture between your strands previously established throughout your Korean perm operation.

4. Steer Clear of Styling Tools

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 6

You underwent the Korean perm procedure to curl your hair. Therefore, kindly put any curling tools down. After receiving a Korean perm, you shouldn’t use curling irons because they will further damage your hair and break down the strands. Make sure to let the stylist know if you are unhappy with your curls. Never curl them on your own. If you must use a hairdryer, prevent your hair from heat damage by using a thermal-protectant conditioner first.

5. Trim Consistently

Over time, as your hair becomes longer, the curls become heavier and lose their bounce. Get regular trims to help those curls pop up to combat this issue. Additionally, you may remove those annoying tangles to keep your curls appearing young!

6. Do Not Use A Comb

A comb can release curls or straighten the hair in the worst situation. Therefore, do away with the comb and gently run your fingers through your hair. Avoid touching your scalp if possible since the dirt on your fingertips may develop clogged pores, which can cause itching and oil buildup. One piece of advice is to comb your hair after shampooing to minimise tangles and ensure the hair product is applied evenly to your scalp and hair.

7. Keep Your Hands off Your Hair

Why is Your Korean Perm Not Lasting & How To Make It Last Longer 7

We all know that lightly running your finger through your hair will help keep the curls in place, but avoid touching them too much. As was already said, dirt on your fingertips can make you oily and clog your pores. It’s not a good idea to imagine that everything you have touched throughout the day has transferred to your locks. Use a headband or a loose clip if your hair always gets in the way of your activities. Avoid damaging the curls!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the length of a perm mostly depends on the stylist’s ability and knowledge of your hair chemistry to choose the proper perm lotion for your demands. It doesn’t mean your perm will always be this way just because the one stylist’s perm lasted only a short time. Picking the appropriate stylist and salon will help you get the desired waves. Rest assured that at Kelture’s, we will help our customers achieve their dream curls.

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