5 Types of Razors

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Types of Razors that you can use to shave

We are here to explore the different types of razors that we commonly use in our daily shaving life. We also cover what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type. We hope you can decide which one to use after reading this page.

Disposable Razor

Disposable razors

Disposable razors are designed to be discarded after one or two shaves while the plastic handle is permanently attached to a shaving head.

Advantages :

They are very cheap and sold in packs of ten to twenty. Since they are disposable, you can carry along a pack during camping or traveling overseas while saving space for carrying a heavy electric razor.

Disadvantages :

Since the handle is very light, you would have to use more force to hold the grip firmly which adds discomfort when shaving.

The blades can only stay sharp after 2-3 shaves and are very inflexible which makes an uneven shave and cause ingrown hair.

Electric Razor

5 Types of Razors 1

The Electric razor has blades that rotates. It is also useful for people that likes to travel constantly around the world. 


It does not require water, shaving cream or soap. Since it does not need them, It can help shave anywhere on the go even in the car. So it is convenient and quick.


It is very ineffective when doing a close shave. There are also many complains that their skin gets irritated after using it.

Cartridge Razor

cartridge razor

The cartridge razor have a plastic/metal handle with a flexible center. The flexible canter allows the razor to follow the shape of your face. The replaceable cartridge can have up to 6 blades.


It is very safe to use and it takes about 10 mins to have a good shave without accidentally cutting while shaving. It also reduces the chance of burns and bumps.


The entire cartridge is needed to replace including the blades. Each cartridge can last for about 4-5 shaves. Since the whole cartridge needs to replace, It takes about $1 a shave so it is quite expensive if you shave 2 times a day.

Safety Razor

safety razor

Safety razors are commonly used during our grandparents generation for our daily shave. The slight edge of the blade touches the skin preventing the blade to cut the skin. It has a permanent handle with a metal head that contains the single blade.


Depending on how often it is used, the blade can be replaced after 5 – 7 days.

The cost of one would be about $25 – $100. The blade would only cost less than a dollar.

It can last for your lifetime as long as you take good care of it and not make it corrode.


It requires a lot practice and skills for it to become easy to use. You need to pay extra attention to avoids cuts or nicks. Be very careful.

Straight Razor

straight razor

Straight razors have a very sharp blade with one edge. The protective pieces between the blade are called scales, it protects the blade from getting damaged and the user from cutting him/herself.


The blade is very sharp therefore it provide the closest shave. The blade can last forever as long as you can strop and hone to keep the edge sharp. However some straight razor’s blade can be replaced for a very cheap price.

The cost of it ranges about $50 to $200. The blade does not need to be replace just needs to sharpen. It is also the most cost effective of shaving.


Since the blade is very sharp, you can get a serious injury as the blade can cut deeply into the skin. You must be very careful with it.

It takes a lot more time, practice, skill and maintenance to shave easily with it.

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