Aveda, why do we use it?

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Since it’s founding in 1978, Aveda has pride itself in its mission of caring about the world around us. And while you may be assured in KELTURE’s quality, you might think, is Aveda really good?


Why would you use a product that you would not test on yourself? Aveda never tests their products on animals. Instead, they test their products on human volunteers to ensure that their products will be safe for people.

Responsible packaging and manufacturing

Aveda is the first beauty company to use 100% recycled plastic. The brand supports wind renewable energy and intends to reduce its carbon footprint over time. Currently, they use 100% wind power to manufacture their products in their main facility, additionally, they help to contribute to renewable energy crediting bodies.

Moreover, they’re currently using 100% recycled plastic. With minimized packaging, the process is thought out carefully and with care.

Ingredient Integrity

Here at KELTURE, we seek to work with a brand that knows to maintain quality while caring for their customers. And Aveda seeks to use ingredients that consist of at least 50% of molecules from plants whenever possible. This means that your hair will be cleaner without any unhealthy chemicals after treatment.

As beauty professionals, we value products that don’t harm the hair or the skin, which is why we love Aveda. Furthermore, not only do they understand the importance of healthy ingredients, they have a diverse range of products that we use in our treatments.

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