How to moisturize dry hair

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What is dry hair

Dry hair is caused when your scalp doesn’t have enough oil to moisturize your hair or when too much moisture is leaving your hair. This causes it to lose it shine and look dull, lifeless and frizzy.

How can you fix it

Avoid excessive washing
As your hair is lacking the moisture it needs, by washing less, you’re letting your hair get the moisture that it needs. This is because, shampoo cleans your hair by absorbing the oil in it, and in some cases, it may absorb too much oil.

Use non-alcoholic hair care products
Not all hydrating hair care products will help you completely in giving your hair moisture as some of them contain alcohol which can drain moisture. So you’ll want to avoid hair care products with alcohol to prevent as much moisture from drying out.

Cut down on heat styling
If you style your hair with heat regularly, you might want to either reduce the frequency or reduce the temperature as if the temperature is too high, it will damage your hair. However, if you feel that you need to use a hairdryer to blow dry your hair, placing it at least 15 cm away from your hair will lessen the damage on your hair.

Try colder showers
A hot shower opens up the pores in your scalp, causing the natural oil in them to be washed away, drying your hair in the process. A cold shower, on the other hand, closes them which prevents the oil from being washed away and hence preventing dry hair.

Wrap your hair instead of air drying
If your hair tends to be brittle and resistant to styling after washing it, it may be losing too much moisture while it’s drying. Wrapping a towel over your hair may help to prevent too much moisture from being lost.

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