Straight hair or curly hair

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About Straight Hair

straight hair
A majority of women is born with straight hair. The straight hair looks elegant and is appropriate for all events. Many prefer straight hair because it look clean and easier to maintained.
  • Straight hair looks good in almost every face shape
  • The straight hair is usually soft, which makes it shinier and easier to style and maintain
  • Straight hair can turn into many different hair style with many accessories
  • It takes less time to style your hair

About Curly Hair

Curly Hair has many different hair style like afro curls, spiral curls, round curls, loose curls. Every type of curls provides a different look at the different hair lengths. Many women find it hard to style and maintain their curly hair, but that has a lot to do with the cut too.

  • Curly hair looks more richer and vibrant.
  • With Curly hair, you will have a different hair style every day.
  • You don’t have to wash it everyday.
  • You will look very unique.
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Curly or straight hair, women are always changing their look and looking for something new. The look of the hairstyle can be easily changed so it all comes down to the available time you have for styling your hair.

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