What is Aveda?

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Aveda's mission

At KELTURE, we have always touted ourselves as an Aveda lifestyle salon but what is it? Aveda is a cosmetics company founded in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher. The company is devoted to its mission to care for the customer and the environment.

It’s numerous spas and salons are trained to serve the customer’s every need and expertly care for them. Every Aveda treatment has been designed in a way to ensure that the customer will feel pampered afterward.

While Aveda was founded in Minneapolis, it’s treatments have their roots back in India’s ancient art of Ayurveda. While Horst was in India, he gained more appreciation for the power of wellness to balance the mind, body, and spirit which is the requirement for achieving his beauty goals. Back in Minneapolis, he created his first Clove shampoo with Ayurveda doctors Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay, and Aveda tribal leader, Shiv Nath Tandon. They have continued to work with Aveda ever since.

Aveda has been growing ever since, reducing the number of artificial ingredients used in their products over the years, with a good number of its ingredients nowadays being naturally derived.

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